Long Time No Post

It’s been a long time since a post has been uploaded here. A long, long time. That’s not to say there hasn’t been activity in the shop, because there has, it just hasn’t been on Twitch or here on this blog. It’s time to change that. (edit Sept 2020: lol!)

What Happened?

kids in the driveway on bikes

Sometime around the beginning of Summer, when the kids got out of school, I had no time to allot to Twitch. Streaming time went to zoo trips, park visits, or just jumping on the trampoline. I also had some house projects that were best suited to warmer months, like finishing the entryway. As much as I’d like, kids can’t watch themselves. Twitch was put on hold and my shop time declined. The projects became smaller. My focus and interests also evolved.

The Focus

In the Spring, I took a blacksmithing class at Pratt Fine Arts. It is something that I had been wanting to do for several years, and the class that I went through was a woodworking tool making class. I learned a ton about metal, anvils and forging, and have been coveting a blacksmithing setup for the shop ever since. Around the same time I became very interested in carving, something that never was of mind before. Since, I have dabbled in relief carving, chip carving, and have really gotten into spoon carving. I also built a shavehorse over the Summer, which has been very helpful in making spoons and spatulas.

red heart carved in wood
blue carved wooden gem

The last new focus has been on leatherwork. I have recently made a few sheaths and scabbards for tools in the shop. It has been really enjoyable to work with new materials and processes, and learn a bunch while doing it. It has all been documented on Instagram, which has been my favorite place to show what I’ve been up to. Check me out @froglegscraftworks. Oh, and the name change from woodworks to craftworks; it just seemed to fit better with the varied mediums of late.

What Now?

Firstly, the types of posts on this site are changing. I’ve found that the step-by-step breakdowns of my projects aren’t that fun to write, and others don’t seem to like reading them either. Going forward, the plan is to post updates of what has been happening in the shop. I’ll talk about projects, but in more of a 30,000 foot view rather than breakdowns of how they’ve been put together. Hopefully there will be some insights and unique perspectives along the way, and I hope to share those as well. Lastly, there are some products that I would like to make and sell, so a store is in order. Looks like there’s some retail software that I need to explore!

I hope to get on this in the next few weeks. I’m just now getting over a nasty cold and cough, and have been away from the shop. December is looming, which brings more family time, as well as things to do around the house, but I’m hoping to be able to make some time for shop projects. Twitch will also resume in the new year if things go right. Until then, check out my instagram, and send me a message if you have something to say!

rubber mallet on unfinished slate floor

(Pretty happy with how my slate floor turned out.)

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