Longer Time No Post

Oh boy. It’s been a long time. Excuses follow, but they’re not really that valid.

What took so long?

Truthfully, it all came down to the website. Two years ago, nah, three years ago, when the last contributions were made to this site, I wasn’t really happy with it. It was built with WordPress, a fine website platform. But there are things about WP that really annoy me. I won’t get into that now but I knew back then that I wanted to migrate away from WP.

froglegs craftworks home page

It took me a year or two to figure out how I wanted to build this site, then another year or so to get around to doing it. Over the past six or eight weeks I build the site and migrated over all of the content. No one will likely notice because its been so long since it was updated. Anyway, this new site is built with Hugo, and I really like the platform. There are still a lot of tweaks to be implemented, but a couple of days ago I decided the update was better than the old site so I went live with it.

And so, what’s been happening?

Last I checked in here I was doing a lot of carving. Since then I fixed up a sliding seat rowboat, made a few things for it, and completed gruelling a 70 mile, two day race in it. I bought a CNC router and a 3D printer. I’ve spent time in front of a computer monitor, brushing up on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve learned the Go programming language and built this website. I spent a year doing French lessons for at least a few minutes a day. There have been many dozens of hours across from my second grader, encouraging her to work on her schoolwork and pay attention to her teacher on Zoom. I’ve been designing things in Fusion 360. I made a jewelry box for my wife, my favorite thing I’ve ever designed and built.

stern of a rowboat in the shop
bow of a rowboat with a race sticker on it
Zak at the finish of the Seventy48 race in 2019

All this, along with other things I’ve done and plan to do, should give me a lot to write about over the next few months. There is more to come.

What now?

While I was going through and converting the old posts on this site over to the new format, I saw that I had five or six post drafts that I had started and never published over the past couple of years. All of these were scrapped for some reason or another. My goal is to produce exciting and engaging content going forward. I’d like to show new projects (and some old ones) in a new way. I’ve got some new processes in the shop, it’s time for some new processes on the blog as well.

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