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mason jar with homemade paste wax
My wax finish is made from beeswax, carnauba wax, and citrus solvent. I should do a blog post sometime. Anyway, 4 parts beeswax and 1 part carnauba wax melted together in a double boiler, or a crockpot that you find at goodwill. Once it’s all liquid, mix in about the same amount of citrus solvent and stir. Let it set up, and you’ve got a non-toxic wax finish that smells a lot better than Johnson paste wax.
Old Fashioned Milk Paint logo
If you see me painting a piece, it is very likely that I’m using Old-Fashioned Milk Paint. I buy it locally at an art store. It is a powder that is mixed with water, left to set up for a few minutes, and then it is ready to go. It is a formula that is centuries old, with natural pigments and a milk casein base. I really like the character that it provides, and it’s non-toxic, too. I have no affiliation with
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